Mission Statement

Transforming lives by showing our love for God, living the Word and by serving our neighbors in the way Jesus did, as compassionate servants.

We are continuing with our program of utilizing touchpoints for each individual ministry LGCC is supporting. 

Program highlights include:

1. The LGCC outreach program is reaching all parts of the world, including locally.

2. The touch points for each ministry have been supporting their ministries with prayer and other needs.

3. We’ve had opportunities on a regular basis to hear from ministries that we are supporting.

4. We continue to encourage small groups to organize and to lead some of our church wide efforts.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Darryl Cedergren

$2,500 given from LGCC in 2023

Darryl is no longer with Mission Aviation Fellowship. LGCC no longer supports this ministry.

Mission Impact

Kathy Dostal

$3,000.00 Given by LGCC in 2023

There was growth in the nursing school by adding a New Lab Tech Program with 15 students.

The women’s retreat was run this year by all Guatemalans hosting 50 women. The ministry site in Santa Lucia received recognition for their work from two NGOs that presented certifications to all the women who participated in various projects.


Julius Lawal

$17,160.00 given by LGCC in 2023

Despite the closeness of kidnappers and bandits to our location, and the high cost of essential things the Lord preserved our lives. Five of our children are doing well in their different institutions where they are pursuing their different degrees while one is doing his industrial training in broadcasting. Two former children are married and came to celebrate Christmas with us.

Faith ACres

Jeff & Jodi Clow

$3,600 Given by LGCC in 2023

Last year, Faith Acres served over 3,100 households each month at their Sharing Centers. They distributed approximately 1.7 million pounds of rescued food to struggling families. Many individuals and families have come to Christ through the miracle of sharing at the Sharing Centers in 2023.


Kyle Winters

$2,165.00 given by LGCC in 2023

Kyle is now at the University of North Carolina working with other Study Center staff to develop a syllabus for the Wilberforce Leadership Program. They have close to 20 students in the cohort and meet weekly. He is shepherding students as they discern academic and career paths and seek to align those decisions with God's leading in their lives.


Peter Sanderlin

$3,000.00 given by LGCC in 2023

Pete is a part of TeachBeyond’s Mobilization team, recruiting applicants and connecting them with one of their partner schools. Last recruiting year the team recruited 68 new members. The team is on track to recruit more members this year than last year. Teach Beyond is now serving in 77 countries and has about 1,150 members reaching almost 26,000 learners.

New International

Drew & Christine Van Tiem

$2,335.00 given by LGCC in 2023

(plus $1,665.00 given while they were still with Communitas)

They transitioned from Communitas International to New International (NI) in new roles. Christine is TCK Director, leading a team who aims to provide support, training, and care for globally mobile families. Drew is Director of Wellness, aimed at seeing NI staff and their ministries flourish. They continue local ministry as well in Edinburgh. 

Deer Ridge Ministries

David and Louise Decker

$2,500.00 given by LGCC in 2023

Deer Ridge has provided the opportunity to house pastors and missionaries needing a retreat. The new building, the Lodge, has 1 suite for pastors needing to stay longer than the normal stay of 5 days. There is also the Retreat House which has 5 suites. There is a licensed professional counsellor who has agreed to handle the needs of pastors who seek counseling. 

Legacy Reentry Foundation

George & Regina Moore

$7,000.00 given by LGCC in 2023

Legacy just closed on their new Legacy Center at 1095 Greenbay Rd. Waukegan IL. They also own Legacy House at 418 & 420 Clayton St. Waukegan IL. They also just purchased a 12 passenger van to transport clients.

Their operational budget was increased from Illinois Criminal Justice Authority for this year which continues to afford them close to 20 employees.

Africans Reaching Africa

Bill & Jen Nelson

$4,005.00 GIVEN BY LGCC IN 2023

In 2023, we saw the Lord open doors in Muslim villages and countries. Over 50 new missionaries were trained and sent out. We now have a team of 120 African missionary families serving full time with ARA. Over 550 people made professions of faith in Christ. We ended the year with 75 active house fellowships and 146 Discovery Bible Studies. 

Construyendo Familias Sana

Diomedes & Victoria Franco

$2,000.00 GIVEN BY LGCC IN 2023

The kingdom of God continues to advance through the groups of pastors and leaders who spend two years in theological training and pastoral practice. Last year 17 graduated in the in the city of Montecristi and 25 graduated from La Romana. Now these fellow servants of the ministry are better equipped to exercise their calling from God. We glorify God for the opportunity to be a part of this team to prepare men and women for ministry.

We have developed The Kids’ Clubs and we thank God very much for the work we have been able to do among the children of the clubs. Children have been receiving Christ into their hearts, being discipled, and challenged to serve Christ. In addition, we provide food and basic utilities for school.

We have also developed home groups. People are receiving God's word, accepting Jesus Christ, and being discipled. This has been a great way to reach out to the community and minister to their needs.

We want to express our gratitude to God for giving us favor and grace in this city. Also, we want to thank each of you who have committed to this ministry to support us with your prayers and financial help.

Thank you that together we can make a difference in a world that needs God so much.

Other Outreach Updates

  • CEF of IL - Northeast Chapter: $1,200 was given by LGCC in 2023
  • Chosen People Ministries: $320 was given by LGCC in 2023
  • Home of Love: $2,000 was given by LGCC in 2023
  • Informed Choices: $2,000.00 was given by LGCC in 2023
  • Family Blessing Fund: $10,240.00 was given by LGCC in 2023
  • Serve Saturday: Countless hours were given by you, throughout 2023 as we gave it away each month.  Through your support, we helped to rehabilitate homes in North Chicago with Matthew Homes, helped clean and organize the food pantry at Faith Acres, packed meals with Feed My Starving Children, hosted a blood drive, neighborhood clean up throughout downtown Long Grove, welcomed guests to our church during fests, packed Thanksgiving Meal Bags for Faith Acres and beautified our church property. 

*For more details on the Outreach Financial Report, please visit the Financial Report page below.