In 2021, the Director of Connections Ministry was created.  For the past two years, the experience of coming for the first time to worship at LGCC has greatly changed.  Follow up has led to more regular attenders and fed the events and steps that lead to membership.


Many visitors start at our online Worship Services, viewing our website, and filling in a Future Visitor form by clicking on the "Plan A Visit" button on the bottom of our website.  From that form we receive their phone number and often there is a conversation by text before they even park in our lot.  Once they do attend, they are greeted at the street by our Parking Greeter, the first faces of our High Five Ministry Team.  They are then greeted again by a High Five volunteer in the entranceway, and then again by our High Five Ushers.

As they attend, they are asked to join our texting communication from their seats, on their phones.  And then after the service, someone from the High Five Ministry Team takes them over to our WELCOME Table, where we get information from them, and they receive gifts. We use this information to start texting with them.  The Staff hand writes a notecard of welcome, and I contact them by phone.  Within that first month, they are reached out to at least 6 times.

My most important role is to layout the experience of being welcomed!  Whether that is on Sunday Morning, at one of our Special Worship Services including, Easter, Christmas, and downtown Long Grove.  Great thanks to the High Five Ministry Team!  Our team has grown this year and each person has really stepped into the importance of stewarding the High Five vision.  I appreciate everyone and I look forward to welcoming new High Fivers!


Serving and making donuts at Easter, serving Communion every month, passing out fliers for special LGCC events, handing out things like candles on Christmas Eve, securing all donations at each event, signage, Songs By the Fire, Trunk or Treat, Thanksgiving Meals, and much more.

In 2022

High Five

Had over...

So many God-given gifts and victories this year!

IN 2022


  • Fest Parking returned to pre-Covid attendance.  Our goal continues to be for our visitors to experience RECEIVING more than they've given.
  • This year we welcomed two new Fest Parking Leaders…Patrick and Taryn O’Connell!  We also fed lunch to families and handed out water to those who parked with us.
  • Wedding inquiries and ceremonies have increased.  Before the government shutdown, weddings at LGCC were low.  Something has shifted, and couples are again highly interested in getting married in a church.  This has created new opportunities for us to come along side couples and their families, many of which are from the local area.  Several couples have attended worship services with us before booking their weddings.  There were 8 weddings in 2022, and 2023 is looking to be more than that.  LGCC also hosted numerous groups that utilized our campus for a myriad of events such as recitals, home schooling functions and even a film crew working on a project downtown.

It has been another wonderful year of firsts...

A young couple came to visit downtown Long Grove during a Fest. They “just happened” to find our parking area, and experienced our amazing and fun volunteers. They gave money in our donation boxes, interacted with volunteers as they came and went, received water and hot dogs, and more. Long story short… they became one of our wedding couples this year. They will be married in our 175 year old sanctuary later this year. In over 15 years of Fest Parking, I’ve never seen this.

A look ahead...

Realizing the integral part volunteers play, please consider joining our team as events come up throughout the year.  In the words of Paw Patrol… "No job is too big, no 'Volunteer' is too small!"  If you have a heart for our congregation and find joy in being the hands and feet of Christ, we have a place for you!

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16