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"Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere."

- Ephesians 6:18 (NLT)


Please pray for the extended Craig & Marsha Baldacci family. Marsha's 16-year old grand-niece suddenly passed away several weeks ago. An unusual infection in her throat passed into her curative artery. They thought she just had swollen glands. By the time, she returned to the hospital, she was in advanced septicemia. It is a massive shock to the whole family. The youth's family has already been in crisis over other issues. Please pray for the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit to enter all their hearts as they mourn this great loss.


Please pray for me to come closer to Jesus Christ and my family. My finances, career, protection, relationships, healing, deliverance, salvation and vessel that Jesus Christ want me to be and bring souls to Jesus Christ kingdom. Exceeding abundantly above all can ask or think in Jesus Christ name amen. Guidance aswell. Struggle with addiction and things that displease god. Long life on earth and against demonic spirits.


Hollie, I am asking that you see if you can get a prayer request out for our family. We are here in San Antonio; My big sister , JoAnne finally passed this Monday Feb. 20, at 3:55am from struggling with COPD for 10 years. Please God the Father, Jesus, His Son, and Holy Spirit my guiding force, help our families understand her passing here in San Antonio. Her sons, Bill Currie, his two children, Emily and Will; her other son, Ed and his wife Christina, and their two daughters- Rachel, and Ava. Jo was a "Busia" to all her grandchildren and step grandchildren and wife to her husband, Dennis. Her brother, Jim , sister, Sharon and I will miss her desperately but watching and helping her through these past struggles, I know that God has welcomed her with her strong faith in Him into His arms graciously. JoAnne was 76 years old. She was a loving sister, the first in our family, a perfectionist to her end, a devoted mom to her children and grandchildren, and worked her way through the working world from the " back door" all the way to a determined and knowledgable " certified financial planner" . lover of arts, and gardening and watching out for her humming birds, here. She watched out for all her brothers and sisters and always came to Chicago after leaving many years ago to help me with our mother's health challenges til she is now up in heaven playing scrabble with her best partner- mom, I love you Jo ,and will miss your impact you made on my life, and I will be talking to you for you to give me pointers and your opinions still...........Pati Nootbaar - church member.


This a huge praise with thanksgiving as you have prayed for Robert and myself over the past four months. We are both better and trusting in God’s purposes for each of us. Thank you for your diligent intercessions. How our Father loves us all! Thank you, church!


Her daughter in law, Larissa was taken to the hospital via ambulance yesterday due to a fever & lack of responsiveness. After several tests, scans, etc. they think it maybe viral meningitis, & admitted her for observation & treatment. Please keep Tim & the Blankshain Family in prayer.

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