Welcome to our Prayer Wall. Here is a place where you can discover some of the prayer needs within our congregation and beyond. We hope you will take some time to work though some of the prayer requests below and be sure to click on the praying hands to let the person who submitted the request know that you have prayed for them.

If you have a prayer request or perhaps God has done something awesome in your life and you'd like others to know about it, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and submit it. Please ensure you select the appropriate visibility settings for both public and staff via the preference buttons. We will keep your request on our wall for a minimum of 30 days and during that time you can be assured that our pastors, staff and Elders will keep your request as an ongoing part of their prayers.

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"Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere."

- Ephesians 6:18 (NLT)


Jennifer Jensen's Mom, Amy lost her sister...please keep her in prayer.


Prayer Confidential


Please pray for my Niece Jean Marie Jones in Muncie Indiana. Jean Marie is 81 and is battling stage 3 lung cancer. Her lung collapsed yesterday and She was taken to the hospital yesterday and is on oxygen, Her condition is critical Jean Marie is a believer and Treasure of her church. Dear heavenly Father we pray that you will heal and comfort her and her family during this time of need. .


Please pray for Julie , she is the daughter of Marilyn Joy Mast. A friend from high school. Julie is the Mother of five. She is in the hospital with complications from Covid, she has been in an induced coma while on a inhalator she is in her fifties . Her oxygen numbers are getting better and they are thinking of bring her out of the coma and off the inhalator, please pray that happens soon and she is on her way to full and complete recovery . Marilyn is a strong Christian.


Prayers requested for Allen’s aunts who live in PA. Helen Mae Ogg and Doris Redding. They are Allen’s mother’s sister—eldest and youngest. Both stricken with Covid recent. Helen Mae admitted to Hospital yesterday with pulmonary blood clots. Doris was in hospital and released. Very weak and has difficulty walking. Appears to be dire for both. Just got the news today Friday, 12/17. I am very upset hearing this news. Helen Mae is one of my best friends. Pray that Helen Mae can get rid of these clots and get stronger and Doris achieves more strength as well. She has been subjected to pneumonia so many times she is a wonder that she pulled each time. Heavenly Father please be with them. If it is your calling they join you now then so be but I truly hope it is not. Pat.

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