• Worship director Luke Merwin led the congregation in song.

• Chairman Jeff Brask called the meeting to order and determined that there was a quorum.

• Elder Jesse De Soto opened the meeting with the prayer.

• Jeff Brask introduced the elders and the ministry directors. He also introduced the trustees and1 the cemetery sextant.

• Motion by Laurie Potter, seconded by Chip Gainey to waive the reading of the minutes.


• The number of faith givers has increased by 5% over the past year. Jeff thanked the congregation.

• Regarding COVID-19 the mask policy was now declared to be optional.

• The roof has been replaced on the Church Building at the cost of approximately $34,000.

• The retirement of trustee John Ozga was announced, and the new trustees were introduced. Thank you for your faithful service John.


• Candidate Brad Mayer was introduced and the ballots were cast.


• Chairman Brask requested that there be an increase in faith giving in the amount of 10%.

• He then introduced Alan Blankshain to give the financial report and the proposed 2022 budget.

• Alan reported the income for 2021 and that expenses were 10% over budget.

• The church gave 10% of its income to outreach and benevolence.

• Investments were up.

• The Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loan in the amount of $63,000 has been forgiven.

• Laurie Potter has replaced Tracy Lawless’ position regarding financials. Thank you for your faithful service Tracy.


• The congregation was requested to increase their faith giving by 10%.

• Centro Cristiano paying $1000 a month for rent.

• Budget contains a 4% operating loss.

• The budget contains a 10% increase in benevolence.

• Alan then took questions.

• Regarding the long-term capital budget nothing is anticipated for 2022.

• Motion Linda Blankshain seconded by Sara Brand to accept the 2022 budget.

• The votes were cast.


• The report was given by Cindy Disney-Gainey.

• She spoke regarding Bring a Friend Day.

• Cindy discussed the women’s ministry.

• Cindy thanked the Sunday School teachers and stated that help would be needed during the summer.

• She spoke about a special needs child and asked anyone with a heart to serve please contact her.


• Pastor Tony West acknowledged the life group leaders and thanked them. He gave an update regarding the marriage life group.

• He reported on the student ministry regarding Edge and Engage.

• Pastor Tony requested prayers for our students’ faith in this anti-Christian school environment.

• He discussed the acronym PEMP - Parenting, Evangelism, Marriage and Prayer.

• He thanked his interns for their efforts during this past year.

• He stated the need for more female leaders.


• Brad Mayer was elected to be an elder.

• The remaining elders were retained.

• The 2022 budget passed 48-1.


• A video was played showing some of the church community highlights.

• Pastor Dell Modder address the congregation speaking of Jesus to be in the center.

• He thanked everyone for their participation during the past year.

• We have sown and invested into the kingdom of God.

• There is life in this church, it is vibrant and going forward.

• He spoke of the vision for the future and the reason for the church’s existence. We are to produce disciples. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

• We need to share the gospel and we need training in the best ways to accomplish that mission.

• He announced plans for the fall of 2022 to put together a group regarding our vision.

• He spoke of mobilization and going out making disciples.

• The spiritual temperature of the church needs to get hotter.

• The sanctuary building was discussed as were the concentration of resources and effort.

• He announced that both services will be in the Community House moving forward and that both services would be the same.

• We need to focus on the next generation. What do we hand off to the next generation? We need to succeed.

• The goal is that this church will continue to be alive and vibrant in teaching about Jesus’s death and resurrection long after we are gone.

• Questions were taken.

• Songs by the Fire was discussed.

• The Wednesday night service was discussed. It will not be like Sunday. Perhaps still be a meal, singing the song, speakers with Christian presentations. We plan to break in the summer.


• Motion by Mike Anderson and seconded Jim Brand to adjourn. The motion passed without objection.

• Luke Merwin let the congregation in a closing song.

• Pastor Dell led the congregation and the closing prayer.