This past year, we’ve seen God working in His Church. It has been very exciting to see Baptisms and New Members proclaiming their Faith in Jesus Christ. It is always a blessing to see new people call this place Home. May God get the glory for what is done here in His Name and may He be patient with us when we stumble along the way.

Another very exciting thing is the addition of Pastor Santiago Valentin. His sound teaching and dedication to our Church growth has had a very positive impact. We thank God for bringing Him, his family and friends to this Church.

We have also welcomed Trinity Grace Church. They left their old space rather abruptly as the Church they were holding service in began to adhere to non-Biblical cultural pressures. We are helping them with a place to worship during this time. They are also helping us with contributions to the church via rent.

The Playground

Last year we set out to improve the playground with funds generously donated by You, the Church. Although we made improvements, we did not hit our mark of completion. The project became more complex as the permitting process began. We do however, have plans in place to finish the Playground this spring.


This continues to be a topic of focus as Churches and large gatherings have been targets for evil acts.

We have a 3 phase plan in place to increase the safety and security of our Church grounds.

• Phase 1 - upgrade our network. (Completed)

• Phase 2 - Install security cameras throughout the grounds. Increase security in the lower level for the Children's ministries. (We are entering this phase currently)

• Phase 3 - Upgrade exterior doors with keypads and magnetic security locks.

We have a few other exciting upgrades slated for this year. A couple of which you will see soon include an Information center and coffee bar in the front lobby, as well as an Electronic drum set to improve the worship experience.

To contact the elders, you can email us at We encourage you, when you do have questions, concerns, or needs to be met, to please reach out in person or via email. We serve here to protect the Word of God, to ensure sound Biblical teaching comes from our pulpit and various ministries, support our Pastor and staff, and help meet the needs of our members. For the Salvation of the lost, the encouragement of our Church, and for the glory of God.