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Drew & Christine Van Tiem

Drew & Christine Van Tiem are friends of LGCC and missionaries we support in Scotland.  Occasionally they come home to LGCC to give an update on what they are doing in Scotland and to catch up with family and friends in the area.  This year, Drew and Christine share a brief update in the video below.  In addition to the their update, they have two opportunities for you to interact with them and to learn more about how God is using them.  Under the video are two links for you to sign up to join them.


Zoom Events:

  • This Saturday, November 6th at 3 pm you can join Drew & Christine on Zoom to learn about their community work in Leith and Edinburgh.
  • On Sunday, November 21st at 2 pm, Drew and Christine will be hosting a quiz on Scotland Trivia.

To access the Zoom events, click below.

Zoom Events

One to One Updates
Drew and Christine are also offering one to one updates via Zoom.  They would love to chat with you for about 45 minutes to give you an update on their lives and their ministry work.  If you wish to sign up for a one to one meeting with Drew and Christine, click below.

One To One