Covid precautions

We welcome you to LGCC!  We are practicing several COVID precautions, including mask wearing, thermal scanning, and social distancing. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Mask Wearing

We offer two services, an 8:30am service and a 10:30am service.  

During our 8:30am service, masks are required to be worn throughout the duration of the service.  

During our 10:30am service, masks can be removed once you are at your seat.

Thermal Scanner

At the entrance of our worship space, we have a thermal scanner setup.  Everyone who walks into a service is scanned with our thermal scanner.  If the scanner goes off, we have a digital thermometer that we use to take your temperature.  

Social Distancing

The seating in our worship area is setup for social distancing, allowing families to sit together, and space for social distancing.